Chinese food has got popularity around the world.We all are familiar with mouth luring noodles which are favourite fast food of kids and adults.Today i am going to tell you very delightful meal that is included by all top restaurants.

Chinese fried rice         

15 Minutes      
8 Persons


11\2 tea cups uncooked rice
100 grams french beansPublish Post

100 grams carrots
100 grams capsicums
4 sticks celery
1 bunch spring onions
2 tablespoons soya sauce
1\2 teaspoon ajinomoto powder
4 teaspoons refined oil
Salt to taste
Green chillies in vinegar
Chilli sauce to serve

Boil the rice. Each grain of the cooked rice should be separate.

Cut the vegetables into small pieces.

 Chop the leaves of the spring onions.

Heat the oil thoroughly in a vessel and add the vegetables and     Ajinomoto powder.

Cook on a high flame for 3 to 4 minutes.

Add the rice, soya sauce and salt. Mix very well and cook for 2     minutes.

Serve hot with chillies in vinegar and chilli sauce.